In accordance with Executive Order No. 55 (2011), the Bureau of Treasury (BTr) shall operate a Treasury Single Account (TSA) to receive remittance of collections of internal revenue taxes/customs duties from Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)/Bureau of Customs (BOC) authorized agent banks as well as other national collections of National Government Agencies from authorized government depository banks.

The TSA, which shall be maintained at the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), will align the government policy of greater financial management and control of its cash resources and allow the unification of the structure of government bank accounts to enable consolidation and optimum utilization of government cash resources.

As part of the initiative to implement the TSA, the TSA Reporting and Monitoring System or TRAMS was developed for the purpose of providing BTr with a consolidated view of its cash position through the acceptance of report from the authorized agent banks (AABs) and authorized government depository banks (AGDBs) via a secure file transfer protocol (FTP) site. Moreover, TRAMS will equip the Bureau of a valuable tool for a simplified and efficient electronic monitoring of collections and generate desired reports that are necessary for informed decision-making. The BTr, together with the BIR and BOC, executed an amendment/supplement agreement with AABs and AGDBs as part of the TSA framework implementation.


  • To provide greater transparency in the Public Financial Management (PFM);
  • To gain greater clarity to national financing needs and the management of the public debt;
  • To increase fiscal savings (less transaction charges, more revenues);
  • To improve financial markets;
  • To provide more accurate accounting and improved reporting.


Memorandum of Agreement
Implementing Rules and Regulations
Treasury Circular


1. Do AABs need to enroll to TRAMS FTP?
Yes. AABs must submit duly filled out TRAMS FTP enrollment forms to BTR. The authorized users of the AABs will be given IDs and passwords to access the TRAMS FTP.
2. What is the FTP site for sending BTR Collection Reporting Format hand-off file?
3. What is the valid file format for the BTR Collection Reporting Format hand-off file?

Files must be sent as Comma delimited (*.csv) file with the naming convention T999MMDDYYYYMMDDYYYYC.csv where :

  • T999 = TRAMS Bank Code
  • 1st MMDDYYYY = TRAMS Reporting Date (MM = Month, DD = Date, YYYY = Year)
  • 2nd MMDDYYYY = Collection Date (MM = Month, DD = Date, YYYY = Year)
  • C = File Identifier for Collections
4. How do AABs send their BTR Collection Reporting Format hand-off file?
Please refer to the TRAMS Manual of Operating Procedures .
5. What is the cut-off time for uploading files?
AABs shall upload their files up to 2:00 PM only.
6. What happens if AABs fail to submit files on or before the cut-off time?
AABs will be included in the Validation Report under the “AABs without Hand-off File” section.
7. What happens if AABs submit/upload files after the cut-off time?
Same as number 6, AABs will be included in the Validation Report under the “AABs without Hand-off File” section. However, the files may be accepted and processed, subject to the approval of the BTr.
8. What happens when AABs upload non.csv files?
The file will not be uploaded. Only .csv files will be accepted in the TRAMS FTP.
9. How do AABs know that files have been successfully uploaded?
The TRAMS FTP displays the status of the transmission of the file in the Transfers Queue section of the TRAMS FTP screen. The system shall display the status “Finished” for successfully transmitted files. Likewise, an email notification shall be sent to the logged-on user’s nominated email address.
10. What happens to the successfully uploaded file?

All successfully uploaded files shall be processed by TRAMS simultaneously after the cut-off time. Only then, the TRAMS will identify valid and invalid files:

  • Valid files will then be loaded into the TRAMS database for the generation of various reports,
  • Invalid files will be reported in the TRAMS Submission and Validation Report. Files that fail in the validation process will have to be corrected by the AABs upon notification by the BTr. The corrected files will be accepted and re-processed, subject to the approval of the BTr.
11. What are the requirements to ensure submission of valid data?

All files submitted via the FTP will be subject to a validation process to check following information:File Name

TRAMS Bank Code

Collection Date

Reporting Date

Collection Identifier

Collection Type

Collection Channel

Transaction Type

Collection Adjustment Type

Net Amount

Hash Total

Number of Collection Records

Number of Adjustment Records

- The hand-off file specifications and validation rules are provided in the attached documents.

12. How will AABs report adjustments?
  • Adjustments (covering returned checks, and technical adjustments like over-and under-remittance) shall be reported in the BTR Collection Reporting Format hand-off file following the prescribed format for adjustment records. AABs will be given five banking days from transaction date to correct any technical adjustments. Adjustments reported after five banking days will still be processed by TRAMS subject to penalties.- AABs will prepare and submit a detailed report and supporting documents (outside of TRAMS), within five banking days from transaction date, to the BTr corresponding to the adjustment records reported as lump sum in the BTR Collection Reporting Format hand-off file
  • Returned Checks and over-remittance shall be reported as negative value in the Amount field of the adjustment record of the BTR Collection Reporting hand-off file, while under remittance shall be reported as positive value.