BTr Mission
& Mandate

Mission and Vision


Palacio del Gobernador
Intramuros, Manila
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Under Executive Order No. 449:

  • Assist in the formulation of policies on borrowing, investment and capital market development;
  • Formulate adequate operations guidelines for fiscal and financial policies;
  • Assist in the preparation by government agencies concerned of an annual program for revenue and expenditure targets, borrowing levels and cash balances of National Government;
  • Maintain books of accounts of the cash transactions;
  • Manage the cash resources, collect taxes made by NG and guarantee forward cover fees due NG, control and service its public debt, both foreign or domestic;
  • Issue, service, redeems government securities for the account of NG as may be authorized by the President pursuant to law;
  • Administer the Securities Stabilization Fund by purchase and sale in the open market of government bills and bonds to increase the liquidity and stabilize the value of said securities in order to promote private investment in government securities;
  • Act as principal custodian of financial assets of the NG, its agencies and instrumentalities;
  • Bond all accountable public officials and employees pursuant to the provisions of the Public Bonding Law and issue appropriate guidelines therefore; and
  • Perform such other related functions as may be assigned to it by competent authorities.

Under Republic Act No. 245 as amended by Presidential Decree No. 142;

Republic Act No. 1000:

  • Certify allowable debt and guarantee.
  • Manage contributions to the Bond Sinking Fund and the fund itself.
Under Republic Act No. 3844:
  • Manage the Assurance Fund for the redemption of Land Reform Bonds.
Under Republic Act No. 6657:
  • Manage the Agrarian Reform Fund.
Under Executive Order No. 739 and Republic Act No. 8250:
  • Offset from the budgetary support to GOCCs their corporate cash dividend under R.A. 7656, guarantee fees, advances for loans relent to GOCCs as well as for obligations which are guaranteed by the NG and other valid receivables of NG.
Under Republic Act No. 3936 as amended by Presidential Decree No. 679:
  • Initiate legal proceedings for escheat of unclaimed balances in favor of the government.




To efficiently and effectively manage the financial resources
of the government by maximizing revenues from available funds
and minimizing costs of financing whenever possible.



To be a pro-active manager of the public funds
characterized by active duration management,
minimization of interest rate risks
and hedging of financial risks.




BTr - 2003