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1999 Annual Report: 


DBM Issuances

  • Circular Letter No. 99-4 dated February 9, 1999

Revised procedures in the payment of Terminal Leave / Retirement Gratuity benefits.

  • Joint Circular No. 1-99 dated march 22, 1999

Guidelines in the use of advice/authority to debit account by national government agencies.


  • Circular Letter No. 99-7 dated April 12, 1999

Foreign assisted projects (FAPs) budget hearings with donors/creditors and implementing agencies (IAs).


  • Joint Circular No. 99-2 dated April 20, 1999

Guidelines and procedures on the release of two percent (2%) share of local government units (LGUs) in the gross income earned by all business within the special economic zones.


  • Local Budget Memorandum No. 31 dated April 30, 1999

1999 Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) allocation to Local Government Units (LGUs).


  • Joint Circular No. 99-4 dated May 24, 1999

Guidelines for the implementation of gender and development (GAD) related programs/projects/activities.


  • Local Budget Memorandum No. 32 dated June 15, 1999

Tentative allocation for the CY 2000 Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) and other related budget preparation matters.


  • Circular Letter No. 99-8 dated August 17, 1999

Formulation of NGA’s sectoral Y2K Contingency Plan.


  • Circular Letter No. 99-11 dated September 11, 1999

Full implementation of the direct remittance to the accounts of external creditors for payment of accounts payables (APs).


  • Joint Circular No. 99-6 dated November 13, 1999

Guidelines implementing Executive Order No. 109 which directs all national government agencies to revert certain accounts payables to the commulative result of operations of the national government.


  • Joint Circular No. 99-7 dated December 29, 1999

Guidelines governing contractual employment for year 2000.



Treasury Order

  • Treasury Order No. 1-99 dated January 1, 1999

Amendments of Sections 6.2 and 7.0 of Treasury Order No. 01-95 dated December 5, 1995, regarding revised regulations governing the Fidelity Bonding of government officials and employees.


National Budget Circular

  • National Budget Circular No. 446 dated December 1999

Guidelines on the implementation of Administrative Order No. 1000.

  • National Budget Circular No. 470 dated May 16, 2000

Additional Exemption from Administrative Order No. 100, dated December 1, 1999.


CSC Memorandum/Resolution

  • CSC Memorandum Circular No. 06, series of 1999

Expanded Coverage of Special Leave Privileges provided for in CSC MC No. 6 and 20 of 1996 and CSC MC No. 41, series 1998.

  • CSC Resolution No. 990595

Re: Amendments to Section 21, CSC MC No. 41, series of 1998 -"Special Leave Privileges".

  • CSC MC No. 17, series of 1999

Increase in Loyalty Cash Awards.

  • CSC Resolution No. 991936

Uniform Rules on Administrative Cases- Prescribed payment of filing fees for the following non-disciplinary cases:


i.     Protest Case - P300.00

ii.    Request for correction of personal information in the records of the CSC - P100.00

iii.   Accreditation of government service - P300.00


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