Palacio del Gobernador
Intramuros, Manila
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Treasurer of the Philippines
Legal Service Internal Audit & Security Service
DTOP Planning & Policy Subsector DTOP Operations Subsector DTOP Auxillary Subsector
Research Service Management Information Systems Service Asset Management Service Liability Management Service Administrative Service Accounting Service Regional Offices
Financial Market Monitoring & Analysis Division Database Administration Division Receipts, Investment & Disbursement Division Securities Origination Division Human Resource Management Service National Cash Accounting Division Provincial Offices
Statistical Data Analysis Division Systems Development Division Fund Validation Division Scripless Securities Registration Division Facilities Maintenance Division National Gov't Debt Accounting Division
Fiscal Planning & Assessment Division Systems Adminstration Division Fund Transfer Division Debt Monitoring & Analysis Division Property & Supply Management Division Miscellaneous Accounts Accounting Division
Operations Planning Division Hardware Maintenance Division Cash Custodial Division Payments Division Communications & Records Management Division Bureau Accounting Division
Bureau Budget Division


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