Palacio del Gobernador
Intramuros, Manila
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RTB16 Annex A

RTB16 Annex B

RTB16 Annex C

RTB16 Annex D

RTB16 Annex E

RTB16 Annex E-1

RTB16 Annex E-2

RTB16 Annex E-3

RTB16 Annex E-4

RTB16 Annex E-5

RTB16 Annex F


RTB15 Annex A

RTB15 Annex B Investors Undertaking

RTB15 Annex C

RTB15 Annex D

RTB15 Annex E

RTB15 Annex E-1

RTB15 Annex E-2

RTB15 Annex E-3

RTB15 Annex E-4

RTB15 Annex E-5

RTB15 Annex F

RTB15 Annex G


General Form 57 (A) - Request for Bonding and/or Cancellation of Bond of Accountable Officials & Employees of the Rep.of thePhil.

General Form 58 (A) - Application for Bond of Accountable Officials and Employees of the Republic of the Philippines

Attachment A - Revised Schedule of Premium Rates

Attachment B (For New Applicants) - List of Accountable Public Officers

Attachment B (For Renewal) - List of Bonded Public Officers

Attachment C - Status of Application for Fidelity Bonding

Attachment D- Confirmation Letter

Treasury Circular 2-2009


2014 ROP Domestic Liability Management GSED Access Letter

List of GSEDs

Handbill of Eligibility to Bid for Government Securities in the Primary Market

Oath of Undertaking / Convention for Electronic Auction (REVISED)

Oath of Undertaking for the Registry of Scripless Securities (for GSEDs)

Autodebit / Autocredit Authorization

...Annex 1 Application to Open a Principal Securities Account

...Annex 2 Confirmation of Outright Purchase

...Annex 3 Confirmation of Outright Sale


RoSS Membership Requirements for Non-GSEDs

Non-GSED Oath of Undertaking & Application for a Primary Securities Account with the Registry of Scripless Securities (RoSS)

Application to Open a Primary Securities Account in the Registry of Scripless Securities (RoSS)

AutoCredit Authorization

AutoDebit / AutoCredit Authorization

Confirmation Outright Purchase of Government Securities

Confirmation Outright Sale of Government Securities

Notice of Release of GS Pledge Transaction

Confirmatiion of Transfer of GS Sans Consideration

Declaration of GS Pledge Transaction

Undertaking of Investors


Opening of OTC Window on a Weekly Basis.pdf

Revised Policy for Pricing T-Bills and T-Bonds.pdf

Revised Policy and Procedures for Purchasing T-Bonds thru OTC dated July 18, 2006.pdf

Revised Policy and Procedures for Purchasing T-Bonds thru OTC dated June 30, 2006.pdf

Memorandum Circular No. 2-96

AMMENDMENTS: Revised Procedure for Purchasing T-Bills/Bonds & Fixed Term Deposits Thru Over-the-Counter Window of the BTr

Oath of Undertaking

Autocharge Authorization

Placement Form

DOF Order No. 141-95


Undertaking of Authorized Agent Bank



BTr - 2003