The Bureau of the Treasury is an "Equal Opportunity Employer" and does not unlawfully discriminate applicant on  the account of person's age, sex, sexual orientation and gender identity, civil status, disability, religion, ethnicity or political affiliation. Physically-challenged applicants may contact the Human Resource Management Division (HRMD) for vacant positions at the Central Office or any Regional Office, for vacant positions at the Regional Offices, for assistance.



1. Interested applicants must meet or exceed the minimum qualifications of the vacant positions.
2. Interested applicants may send their application to, together with the following documents:
a. Application Letter indicating the exact Position and Division/Office you are applying for;
b. Duly accomplished Personal Data Sheet (CS Form 212 Revised 2017) with Work Experience Sheet;
3. Applicants are advised that the following documents be on hand and ready once requested.
a. Performance Evaluation (if any);
b. Certificate/s of Trainings/Seminars relevant to the position to be filled and undertaken within the last five (5) years;
c. Certificate of Employment with Duties & Responsibilities relevant to the position to be filled;
d. Diploma and Transcript of Records;
e. Authenticated copy of Certificate of Eligibility and/or Board Rating Certificate;
4. For those who are applying for vacant position/s in the Regional/Provincial Offices, kindly submit your application to their respective Regional Offices.
5. Only those with complete documentary requirements shall be considered.
6. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted, due to the large volume of application for employment we receive.
7. Applications will be considered valid for one (1) year.
8. The duration of the recruitment process varies depending on the quality and quantity of applications received.


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