Signs of Scamming

The Bureau of the Treasury cautions the General Public about email scams perpetuating to be from the Bureau soliciting payment in exchange of release of funds or investment.

Types of Scamming

In light of recent reports regarding false representation and the unauthorized use of the Bureau of the Treasury (BTr) logo and/or letterhead, BTr wishes to inform the general public that it has not given permission to any individual or entity to use its logo and/or letterhead nor has it given authority to any person to conduct the collection of remittance through SMS, unofficial email, or any form of social media.

As a general policy, BTr does not transact with individuals through the said messaging channels. In any case, any electronic correspondence with a BTr personnel will only be made through his or her official BTr email address with the official domain name, “” or through the official and verified BTr Facebook page and/or Twitter account.

Additionally, any fees for any process are paid directly to BTr or through authorized banks and BTr will never ask any person to send payment by check, money order, or wire transfer to any unauthorized person.


The information on this site is intended as a general reference for internet users.
It is made available on the understanding that The Bureau of The Treasury (BTr),
as a result of providing this information, is not engaged in providing
professional advice.

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