Treasury Circular Number Title Date
2-2021 Enhanced Guidelines in National Deposited Collections and Disbursements in line with the New National Government Collection and Disbursement System of the Bureau of the Treasury April 27, 2021
1-2021 Amendment of Section 7.1 of Treasury Circular No. 02-2009 dated 06 August 2009, Regarding Procedure for Application of Fidelity Bonding January 14, 2021
3-2019 Banking Arrangements on the Use of Letter of Credit May 10, 2019
2-2019 Revised Omnibus Regulations Governing the Fidelity Bonding of Accountable Public Officers (Section 313-335 Chapter 15, Revised Administrative Code of 1917) April 25, 2019
1-2019 Transition from the BTr Sub-Registry to the National Registry of Scripless Securities (NRoSS) of the Onshore Foreign Currency Denominated Treasury Bonds March 4, 2019
DO 171-2018 Guidelines for the Sale of Government Securities through Over-The-Counter OTC Window December 14, 2018
DO 171-2018 DO NO. 071.2018 Further Amending Department of Finance Order No. 141-95, as amended December 13, 2018
06-2018 Unified Accounts Code Structure (UACS) - BTr Central Records Division September 11, 2018
05-2018 Manual on the Preparation and Submission of the Cash Planning Report (CPR) September 11, 2018
04-2018 Guidelines for Settlement of Government Securities under NRoSS August 20, 2018
03-2018 Guidelines On The Handling Of The List Of Due and Demandable Accounts Payable - Advice To Debit Account (LDDAP-ADA) June 14, 2018
02-2018 Amending Treasury Circular No. 01-2010, Uniform Rules and Procedures For Reactivation Of Unclaimed Balances Reported To The Treasurer Of The Philippines May 29, 2018
01-2018 Implementing Guidelines for the Enhanced Government Securities Eligible Dealers Program February 19, 2018
03-2017 Reduction In The Expiry Period of MDS Check From Six (6) Months To Three (3) Months From Date Of Issue October 20, 2017
02-2017 Use of new MDS check design April 4, 2017
01-2017 Guidelines on change or transfer of Depository Bank/Bank Branch/Current Account for IRA, AlGU & all other funds authorized for LGUs in the appropriate law April 4, 2017
01-2016 Amendment of Treasury Circular No. 03-2013 dated December 11, 2013 September 6, 2016
05-2014 Amendment to Treasury Circular No. 03-2014 dated June 16, 2014 re Guidelines in Depositing National Collections to the National Treasury September 26, 2014
04-2014 Revised Rules and Regulations for the Issuance, Placement, Sale, Service and Redemption of Treasury Bills and Bonds Under Republic Act No. 245 September 22, 2014
03-2013 Implementing Guidelines of the Memorandum of Agreement for Authorized Agent Banks/Authorized Government Depository Banks in the Collection and Remittance of National Internal Revenue Taxes/Customs Duties/Other National Collections Under the Treasury Single Account (TSA) Framework December 11, 2014
03-2014 Guidelines in Depositing National Collections to the National Treasury June June 16, 2014
02-2014 Guidelines in the Opening of Bank Accounts for Receipts and MDS Disbursements of National Government Agencies June 16, 2014
01-2014 Guidelines in the re-order/purchase of MDS Check May 20, 2014
02-2013 Guidelines on the Recognition of Government Securities Brokers and Sponsorship of RoSS Principal Securities Accounts October 4, 2013
01-2013 Guidelines for (1) Validation of legal basis of opening/maintaining deposit account/s (2) Monitoring National Government Agencies' (NGA's) compliance to DOF-DBM Joint Letter Policy instructing NGAs to close dormant account/s and transfer the balances to National Treasury January 23, 2013
3-2012 Treasury Circular prescribing the Conventions on the Secondary Market Trading and Settlement of the Onshore Foreign Currency Treasury Bonds November 20, 2012
1-2012 Treasury Circular Amending Treasury Circular 02-2010 dated May 6, 2010 October 5, 2012
02-2010 Treasury Circular prescribing the Conventions on the Secondary Market Trading and Settlement of the Multi-Currency Retail Currency Treasury Bonds May 06, 2010
01-2010 Uniform rules and procedures for reactivation of unclaimed balances reported to the Treasurer of the Philippines April 8, 2010
2-2009 Revised omnibus regulations governing the fidelity bonding of accountable public officers pursuant to the public bonding law (sections 313-335 chapter 15, revised administrative code of 1917) August 6, 2009
2-2008 Codes to be used for government transactions pertaining to Revenues/Income and Expenses under the Revised Philippine Government Chart of Accounts (PGCA) July 14, 2008
1-2008 Guidelines in Refunding Over-Remittance of Tax Collection June 13, 2008
DOF Order No. 141-95
Treasury Memorandum Circular #2-2004
Treasury Memorandum Circular No. 2-2004
Memo for All BTr Regional Directors
Reminder on the DOF/DBM Joined Circular No. 1-90 and DBM Circular No. 91-10 November 28, 2003
5-2003 New Procedures in Reporting Deposits of National Collections October 15, 2003
4-2003 Codes to be used for government transactions pertaining to Revenues/Income and Expenses under the Revised Chart of Accounts August 1, 2003
15-2003 TREASURY OFFICE ORDER NO. 15-2003 August 1, 2003
1-2003-A Amendments to Treasury Circular No. 1-2003 April 24, 2003
EO NO. 449 Realigning The Organization Of The Bureau Of Treasury Oct 17, 1997


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