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Total earnings in interest after 1 year

Number of bond units / raffle entries earned

Disclaimer: This calculation is for illustration purposes only and should not be taken as professional advice to invest in Premyo Bonds. It should not be used as the sole basis to measure returns in said securities.

Terms and conditions of the Premyo Bonds are governed by the applicable Program Mechanics and Notice of Offering issued for the purpose. Returns displayed assume an interest period of one year and are net of 20% final withholding tax. Investment amount in Premyo Bonds is for a minimum of P500.00 and in integral multiples of P500 thereof.

Total earnings in interest after 1 year

Total earnings in interest after 1 year

Premyo Bonds are SAFE. Issued by the National Government, Premyo Bonds are among the safest investments available in terms of credit risk.

Premyo Bonds are RELIABLE. Premyo Bonds provide fixed quarterly interest income to its investors.

Premyo Bonds are NON-TRADABLE. Premyo Bonds cannot be bought and sold in the secondary markets.

Premyo Bonds are NON-PRETERMINABLE. Premyo Bonds cannot be preterminated before maturity.

Premyo Bonds are NON-TRANSFERABLE. Ownership of Premyo Bonds cannot be transferred from one entity to another.

PRINCIPAL REDEMPTION. Principal cost will be returned to you intact after one year.



DISCLAIMER: All cash prizes and non-cash rewards are all tax paid and will be received by the winners net of all applicable taxes, fees and charges. The rewards agent shall facilitate payment of such taxes, fees and charges.

Notice of Offering

Online Premyo Bonds Frequently Asked Questions

OTC Premyo Bonds Frequently Asked Questions